Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Education 3508 Blog Assignment #1

I am so proud of myself. This is the first time I have ever made a blog. It is relateively easy if I do say so!!

Personal Introduction: I am 28 years old. I grew up in Capre Breton, Nova Scotia. I lived in Halifax for five years, where I received my Bachelor's Degree from Dalhousie University. I went from there to Alberta (5 years ago) where I attended the University of Lethbridge. I spent two years in the neuroscience building working away at a Master's degree.

I have been for the past two years working as a behavioural therapsit assisting children with autism. I was also employed by the Holy Spirit Catholic School Board as a teachers aid.

My experience in the classroom setting is what led me down the road of education.....which essentially brings me to today.

Blogging in Education: My first impression of blogging is that it opens a set of doors that were not open when I was going through the educational system. Blogging can allow kids to communicate with one another freely and at their convenience. It also allows the teacher to communicate more readily with the students. Postings can be made at anytime and from anywhere. The postings can be in journal or diary format, which allows students to archive their experiences. Postings can be used in an administrative manner, allowing teachers to post information regarding course outlines and homework assignments. Blogging can also be used to communicate with parents. Parents can be aware of class activities by simply logging on the

web. This would definitely aid parent teacher relationships.

On a broader level I think blogging may serve to help those students in class that are shy and afraid to ask their question or state their opnion in front of a classroom full of peers. The informality is appealling to many students and especially those that struggle in group situations.

Blogging is a great tool to incorporate into the curriculum and a user friendly way to welcome technology. However the old saying "too much of a good thing" comes to mind.Tthe fact that blogging is so informal makes it very inviting. It would have to be very well monitired by teachers and administrators that it is used appropriately. This tool in the wrong hands could be a problem. With ideas and information being shared so freely people could be targets for harassment and ridicule. People could become targets. This is my one prominent fear.

In summary I think that opening this communication tool serves many great purposes and is vastly beneficial. The benefits will only last if the mode of communication is monitored and shaped by the teachers and administrators.

Two thimbs up from this Bluenoser!!!

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