Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blogging in the Science classroom.

Science Blogging.

The area I would like to discuss in relation to blogging is Grade 11 physics. When the teacher gets to the topic of oscillatory motion and mechanical many students do you think will leave the classroom somewhat confused or completely lost? I know that is how I felt leaving many physics lessons in my last years of high school.

I think that if the teacher was to design a blogging site for students to discuss lessons and demonstrations, that many positive things would result. Students would have the opportunity to discuss course content outside of the classroom. This would be less intimidating for many students. The less vocal students could use this form of technology to have a voice. Students communicating with one another about course content, sharing likes and dislikes would create a greater sense of community within the class. Increasing the sense of community would improve the overall attitude in the class. A positive attitude, I feel would benefit students and be reflected in their quality of work.

The teacher could also use blogging to post assignment information and test material. The students could use blogging to work on group assignments without having to be at the same place or time. This would allow for more freedom. As teenagers often feel smothered by rules and regulations, I feel that having blogging as a method of completing course work on their own time and at their own discretion would be ideal.
The two websites listed below support my positive outlook on blogging in the high school science classroom. The website specifically discussing physics classroom mentions that the overall classroom attitude improved and to use exact phrasing the class in fact "came alive". Students were supportive of one another and joined together to accomplish goals.

As the second website discusses rules are necessary to ensure safe blogging. If I were to implement blogging into my classroom, I would keep the blog posts available to only members of the class at first. As the blog is meant for classroom purposes I would see no immediate reason to open the blogging information to the general public. I would have very clear guidelines as to the purpose of blogging. As I would expect my students to have good blogging etiquette I would teach a lesson or two on rules and proper etiquette prior to initiating the blogging site. I would monitor the blogs routinely to ensure the safety and the ntegrity of students.

In conclusion, I am a firm supporter of blogging in the highschool science classroom or any classroom for that matter. By educating students on what a powerful tool it can be when used appropriately I beleive it would help the classroom as a whole and each student individually.


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Heather said...

Thank you for finally demonstrating how a blog could be used in the mathematical science area, I wouldn't have thought of or attempted it! I also liked your comment in your first entry that blogging could give the shy students a safe place to come forward with questions and comments. Excellent range of applications.