Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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How do living things change?

In grade one there is a unit devoted to Seasonal Changes. I would use this type of diagram to introduce the concept of seasons and how the changing of seasons influences living things. I think in a lesson I would first discuss with students the four seasons. I would then present this above diagram and start a group discussion as to how plants and animals change based on the season. As these students are young I would likely have them pick one of the categories above and draw a specific season and how a living thing changes during this season. In another lesson I might begin with the below diagram and ask the students input as to what changes happen in their own lives during each of the seasons. If in a classroom with a Smartboard I would show the students how to scroll through the options and select appropriate links that match the answers they provided. For example I would walk the students through how to put a picture of sports in place of the question box (as sport related activities change during the seasons).

Incorporating this software would be very visually appealing to the young audience. I really think that concept mapping has use in the lower elementary grades as it is nice to look at, colorful, and will grab their attention. In higher grades I think it would be a simple way to present somewhat complex information.
I could have created more links and provided the seasonal changes for plants and animals but starting a discussion allows for class discussion. I also thought that having them draw their ideas of changes and living things would incorporate fine arts skills. By presenting the second diagram and requiring a student to make changes via a Smartboard, student will have accomplished ICT goals C.1 (1.1, 1.2). Covering this material will achieve the second and third SLO in the science PoS.
I really enjoyed this software and plan to make great use of it.

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