Monday, October 1, 2007

Science Activity

Where Can Your Trash Go?

The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, IL (2003) put together a website that I will use to demonstrate where human waste can go. We all have those questions as to what can be recycled and what can't. This will be fun and help you figure out which bin to throw your trash in. I will use this game called Trash4Kids in a Grade 3 classroom.
I will first place several items on my desk. These items will include common everyday items thrown away. I will tell the students I want them to think about where they think these items should go. Do they belong in the trash or in the recycling bin? I want them to save their answers for after out activity. I will then send the students in groups to available computers (in classroom or computer lab).

This game is fairly simple. Pieces of trash or waste will be scattered on the floor. It is the students job to determine whether these items can be recycled or not. There will also be a series of multiple choice questions to be answered. The students must answer each question. Once the game is done they will come back to their seat and write down where they think the items at the front of the class belong.
I will then go through the game at the front of the classroom using the Smartboard or projection screen. If I have student volunteers I would accept them as well.
Once the game was completed I would ask the students to tell me which items belong where and why.

General Learner Outcomes: This activity reviews sorting waste and being responsible with your garbage.

Specific Learner Outcomes: This activity helps students understand and classify different types of human waste. This game gives an introduction to methods of disposal as well. Students will also become aware of the different types of packaging and what that means for recycling.

ICT Outcomes: This activity I feel achieves ICT outcomes 1.1. During this activity students are required to move the cursor around, click on icons and buttons, as well as move objects around on the screen.
I think using this activity gets children more interested in the subject area. At this level it is difficult for kids to understand things on a global level. I think this is a fun and creative way to introduce them to waste and recycling. It also uses fun visuals and allows them to see what the different materials look like. It also provides facts and is very informative.

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Comments on Other Student's Blog:
"You have a great number of references and did a lot of research. Nice job! I also really enjoyed the topic. I found it very useful and informative. I think the students would be completely on board and on task. You achieved both the general and specific learner outcomes in a great manner.Excellent Work!
The above quote is what I wrote on another student's blog site. It looked very similar to mine. I was great to read another student's approach. I think I will look at others when doing assignments and discuss ideas and thoughts with other students.

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